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Hot Temps Give People a Taste of Summer

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For the first time this year, we are hitting 90 degrees, just in time for the holiday weekend.

The heat is a welcome sign for everyone, including those who work outside all day. They say it's been such a long winter, they are loving the sun now.

Last year was a hot summer, but it seems like the above 90-degree temperatures are coming later this year.

"It makes it easier on all the guys you know, not having to work in 90 to 100 degree heat as early as we usually have, in June, and sometimes may, so it's been good so far," Konnor Backer, a site assistant superintendent at Langlas and Associates General Contractors.

The National Weather Service says it has been an unusual year with a long winter and a cooler spring. Meteorologist Keith Meier says in a typical year -- we hit temperatures above 90 about three times in June, and 13 times in July.

"It’s a little atypical actually because the month of June was more of a I’d say late spring pattern and then all of a sudden, we just flipped a switch and a giant upper level ridge builds on top of us and now we're almost into a very July, August looking weather pattern so the switch flipped pretty quickly” said Keith Meier, NWS meteorologist in charge.

Some workers say they are looking forward to the heat, especially because of waiting for the winter to be over and then having to deal with the rainfall in the spring.

"The heat's fine because dealing with the winter we had, we're ready for some sunshine and nice weather conditions here since the weather was tough during the whole winter so it doesn't bother us right now,” Backer said.

A reminder for the weekend, if you're out, use sunblock to protect yourself from UV rays and stay hydrated.