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Temporary Fixes Leave Residents Unsettled

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After a town hall style meeting in late June, residents along Joyce St. have been given a plan on how to get their roads updated.

Most residents on the street said when the time comes, they will push for the plan to update their roads and they hope their neighbors feel the same.

During the meeting in June,  city officials said if residents along Joyce St. get their roads updated, they are hopeful Lincoln Ln. residents will want the same for themselves and agree to have their monthly property taxes raised as much $150 a month over a 15 to 20 year period.

Dorene Mattson, long time Lincoln Ln. resident, feels no matter what happens on Joyce St., Lincoln Ln. won't be updated because county property owners don't want to work with city property owners and pay their share for the road repairs.

Mattson said it's a sad situation and she wishes things were different.

For now, all residents can do on both streets is wait and depend on temporary fixes provided by the city.