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U.S. Soccer

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BILLINGS - Tuesday's 2-1 loss to Belgium was disheartening for the U.S. Soccer team and its fans, but many soccer die-hards enjoyed the work distraction while it lasted. The local 2 PM start time didn't keep Hooligan's Sports Bar from filling up with hundreds of people.

In fact, it's been a very popular World Cup across America. According to Nielsen -- the USA's recent match against Portugal drew more than 18-million viewers -- a record for soccer in America. And, the early start times of the matches haven't affected viewership very much. A recent study by RetailMeNot reported 13 percent of American workers admit to watching the World Cup at work..

As a bartender at Hooligan's, Buddy Mackinder is happy to be part of that percentage.

"This is the best job in the world," he said. "Just to see these people come out, and relax, and enjoy themselves -- this is what freedom is built upon -- responsibility and camaraderie."

A disappointing loss for the US, but a fun afternoon for its fans.