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Tumbleweed Program Hosts Cajun Phatty's Traveling Trailer Grand Opening

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Some of you may remember Rimrock Mall filled with the smell of Louisiana Cajun food over the holidays.

Cajun Phatty's occupied a kiosk in the mall from November of last year until January 15th of this year.

The Louisiana specialty restaurant teamed up with the tumbleweed program today, and unveiled their brand new food trailer.

100% of today's profit will go to the Tumbleweed Program, which helps to teach children how to overcome adversity and become productive members of the community.

Cajun Phatty's owner, Ashley Robichaux, says she holds a special place in her heart for underprivileged teens.

"Some of these kids, they left because it was so dysfunctional at home, or you know, drugs, or alcohol, or whatever the reason is that they're out there on the streets, and they're just trying to survive, and this organization gives them a place where they can get a hot meal, they can get the skills to be out in the world and it just pulled at my heart. You know, I just have a special place for those types of people that don't think they can do anything more than what they're doing today,” says Robichaux.

Robichaux has a background in fine dining and has worked as a restaurant consultant for more than 25 years.

She has hopes of eventually moving Cajun Phatty's into a night venue, preferably paired with a winery or brewery.

In the meantime, you can keep up with the Cajun trailer on Facebook to see where it will show up next.