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Billings Clinic Introduces Montana's 1st Internal Medicine Residency Program

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Billings Clinic welcomes the Treasure State's first Internal Medicine Residents.

Twelve medical school graduates from different parts of the world this morning received their white coats, symbolizing the beginning of their careers as doctors.

The Internal Medicine Residency Program is designed to address the primary care shortage in our region.

According to the Primary Care Office, nine counties in Montana are without a physician.

Resident, David Stordahl, grew up in Billings and is thankful to return home to kick-start his medical career.

"My wife and I were looking at programs that we thought we would want to apply to this last year, my fourth year of school, and we were looking at programs in the northwest because we wanted to be closer to family and we saw that Billings Clinic was opening and starting a new program, and you can't get any closer than where we grew up,” says Stordahl.

"70% of residents stay where they train, so the impact on Billings and Montana is that, of these twelve, and every year after that, 70% of them will likely stay here, practice, be part of the community, take care of our families,” says Billings Clinic’s Associate Program Director for Internal Medicine Residency, Robert Ficalora.

Eight residents will be enrolled in the program for three years, and four residents will spend one year in Billings before going on to finish training for their chosen specialty area.