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Camp POSTCARD Demo Day Inspires Campers

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BILLINGS - The focus of Camp POSTCARD is to create positive relationships between law enforcement and children. POSTCARD stands for “Peace Officers Striving To Create And Reinforce Dreams.”

Campers watched in awe, as Stillwater County Sheriff's Office employees demonstrated how their new unmanned aerial system works. The nearly $19,000 device will be a big help during fire season and search and rescues.

"While they're still on the ground using those techniques, this thing can be launched in the air and do an overview of the entire area,” said Stillwater County Undersheriff Charles “Chip” Kem. “So there are scenarios in which it would probably resolve the issue a lot sooner than just having them on the ground."

It’s all a part of Camp POSTCARD’s demo day where law enforcement agencies show campers what they do.

"Law enforcement might be seen in a negative light and this gives them more of an opportunity to see them, be able to interact with them as people and individuals and understand that we're here to help them and help them learn," Kem said.

Counselors at the camp include officers from different law enforcement agencies to help participants build leadership and teamwork.

"In case someone gets hurt, I can take over and help someone and not let them get even more injured or let them hurt themselves,” said Trevor Westervelt, a camper.

They learn a lot about how the unmanned aerial system operates too. It has three different cameras: a normal camcorder one, heat vision, and point of view. The week-long camp is a partnership between the Volunteers of America Northern Rockies and peace officers.

The camp brought together 74 children this year with agencies from Yellowstone County, Stillwater County, Gallatin County, and more showing up to help out.