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Judge Selected to Re-sentence Stacey Rambold

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The new judge is chosen to re-sentence Stacey Rambold. Judge Mary Jane Knisely confirms she was selected to the re-sentencing. Judge Knisely says she recused herself from the re-sentencing Wednesday and Friday the rest of the District 13 judges also chose to recuse themselves.

Judge Knisely says she asked District 16 Judge, George W. Huss, to handle the case. He accepted Thursday. Judge Huss has filled in on several cases in Yellowstone County, since Judge Susan Watters was selected to become a federal judge.

In April, the Montana Supreme Court vacated the 30-day sentence Judge G. Todd Baugh gave Rambold for raping a 14-year old student. No date is set yet for the re-sentencing.