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Lightning Safety Week

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It's Lightning Safety Week so the National Weather Service is offering some severe storm tips.

Meteorologist, Joe Lester, says lightning is not respected like it should be, and with summer being severe weather season, people need to understand the dangers that come with it.

Lester says lightning can strike away from the storm, so while you're out camping and the storm seems far away from you, keep in mind it could still strike nearby.

"Just wait it out. You know, thunderstorms typical don't last a real long time, so sometimes people are kinda pressured I think to kind of continue to do whatever activity they're doing, but the safe thing is go in your car, go in your house. It's not worth taking a chance,” says Lester.

Lester adds that lightning kills an average of 50 people per year, and strikes almost daily in our area.

For more lightning safety tips, you can visit the National Weather Service website.