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Lawyers Can Scan Potential Jurors' Social Media

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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more - the list of social media sites goes on. The American Bar Association says it is ethical for lawyers to look at potential juror's social media sites.

"It doesn't strike me that the ABA's decision is especially stunning," says Tom Singer, Axlion Law Group attorney.

Singer says lawyers are in the business of fact-finding.

"It used to mean we would ask people, other people in our firms, our clients, anyone we could find,” Singer says. More recently it's been Google searches and so this is kind of the next step."

Lawyers still should not friend jurors, because as Singer says, that crosses a line. Web marketing specialists say it's a good tool for potential employers.

"It can be a good way to get an honest transparent glimpse into a person's life," says Eric Marshall, Zee Creative web marketing specialist.

They say if you want to keep your life private change the settings on your social media account.

"As parents, or teachers in schools, I think we need to be really aware of what's out there, what kids are using, what's available, how they have it set up, monitoring usage as best as they can but I think it comes down to awareness,” Marshall says.

Social media is now being used in law enforcement as well to inform the public.