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BikeNet Honors CommuteChallenge Winners

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BikeNet honored the winners of the organization's CommuteChallenge in May.

Executive director Kristi Drake says 143 people signed up for the challenge in May and together, everyone walked, biked, or bussed more than 6,000 miles. For some, the challenge was a part of their daily routine.

"For me personally, I ride my bike just for pragmatism,” said Jeffrey Butts, who commuted the most mileage during May. “The fact that it gives me $300 more per month that I can spend on other things. That I can spend on saving money towards a house I want to buy or I can spend on traveling or going to other places. It’s also fun"

"The more people we have on the street biking or walking, the more demand we have for the trails and the healthier the community is,” Drake said.

Organizers say for those of you who didn't get a chance to pick up your prize Saturday, stop by Pioneer Park this Wednesday at 5:30 pm for bike to the ballpark.