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Highland Games Entertain Crowds

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The sounds of bagpipes and strong men are loud and clear Saturday at ZooMontana, of course, for the Yellowstone Highland Games.

It was like a blast from the past. Participants joined in on caber, sheath and stone tossing. Organizers of the games say the events are based what used to happen involving the daily activities of Scottish men, like throwing hay on top of the barn.

"A lot of the early mountain men were Scots,” says Gary Robson, Yellowstone Highland Games MC. “A lot of the early miners were Scots. But also because there's something unique about the games. This is rodeo country and rodeo and the Scottish highland games are the only two sports that are based on what people actually do for a living.”

"We got a good open space here,” says Jeff Ewelt, ZooMontana executive director. “It’s a great place to do this, a good place to roam and we've got good open fields for it. It’s exactly what they're needing and it's been a past history with the zoo. It's gone on at the zoo for quite a few years now and so we obviously like to host the games here.”

Lots of vendors, music, and dancing went on at the event. The games are a fundraiser for the zoo.