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Not In Our Town Celebrates, Unveils Art Exhibit

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It is the 20th Anniversary of Not In Our Town, and to commemorate the historic event, a new exhibit is being unveiled at the Western Heritage Museum.

Students at West High School organized the exhibit.

Senior Beau Linnell created his own piece, and hopes it will bring people together.

He says people are working together to get rid of racism and other hate crimes in the area.

Wayne Inman was the chief of police when Not In Our Town started.

He and Linnell say people need to speak out.

"It's more of the things that we can't see. It starts with every person, every person can do something for themselves that can help out a community. We can see people being picked on as far as bullying in school. We can put a stop to it, I know I have, it's an easy thing to tell someone to stop doing something and people listen," says Linnell.

"Let us get together and devise some strategies, so that our children will grow up tolerant. Tolerance has to be learned. It has to start in the family, in the church, in the schools, and a far greater return on our investment if we spend our time and energy teaching, rather than trying to arrest and prosecute," says Inman.

Inman says he is very proud to be a part of a city that started the not in our town movement.