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Firefighters Learn About Railroad Safety

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Billings firefighters are finding out about railroad safety, something they say is important.

In the Montana Rail Link training car, nine firefighters learned about the hazardous materials trains transport and how railroads operate. Firefighters say it’s important to learn about the operations. It will help them to be more efficient when responding to railcar incidents because they happen in our area.

"We have a lot of rail activity in the area so we'll be the first responders to respond on scene to help handle the hazardous materials,” said Capt. Tom Selleck with the Billings Fire Department.

"They’re the people that are actually responding and they get the first information and that information is very important,” said Jack Gabrian, MRL general foreman of training and safety. “So the more they understand about what's going on, the better off the whole situation is."

After a classroom lecture, firefighters applied what they learned on the tank cars.