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Should Dogs Be Allowed?

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The High Sierra Dog Park (Billings' one and only dog park) has inspired the Billings Animal Control Board to host a series of public meetings, potentially allowing dog owners to walk their K-9 friends in our city parks.

As it stands right now, dogs are not allowed in any Billings city parks.

Public meetings, like the one held on Monday, are an opportunity for the community to voice their opinions and concerns regarding the matter.

Billings Animal Control Supervisor, Dave Klein, says the High Sierra Dog Park in the Heights is the most attended park in town, and it might be time to open the rest of our parks to man's best friend.

"Pets are part of our families. They're part of everything that we do, and other cities have seen this and they have changed their rules to allow dogs in their parks, so I think that society, basically is saying that it's time to include our pets,” says Klein.

Klein says to pass this ordinance it could be a six-month process.

The Animal Control Board invites the community to contact their office and attend these meetings to show city council that this is what the community wants as a whole.

The date for the next meeting will be announced in the coming weeks.