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YMCA Renovations

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BILLINGS - The Billings Family YMCA is on schedule to finish its complete renovation of the women's and men's locker rooms.

The construction crew started more than two months ago, and expects to have the men's locker room finished by mid-August.

Both locker rooms will have a new sauna, a new hot tub, and completely new tile and lockers. Project leader Lane Huffman is very happy with his team's progress.

"The plumbers and electricians are going as quickly as they can in the showers the bathrooms and the vanity areas," he said. "We can sheetrock (the bathrooms and vanity) by the end of the week, and we have tile scheduled to start in two weeks."

The women's locker room will be finished early this fall -- two months after the men's locker room. The project's total cost is $1.9 million dollars.