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Accident on Huntley Bridge

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BILLINGS - A 22-year old man was seriously injured in an accident on the Huntley Bridge Wednesday morning. Montana Highway Patrol Sgt. Buck O'Neill says the driver was headed toward Huntley around 8:30, and attempted to pass another vehicle across a double yellow line. With a van coming his way in the opposing lane, he careened off the left-side guardrail. The van then t-boned his Intrepid on the passenger side, knocking it back against the side of the bridge. O'Neill says the man sustained serious injuries, but struggled with emergency responders as they tried to help him out of the car.

A mother and four children, all under the age of seven, were in the van. The children sustained some minor cuts and bruises, but O'Neill says were taken to St. Vincent Healthcare for precautionary reasons.

The accident closed the bridge for around two and a half hours. O'Neill says the man could face several citations for the crash.