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National Farmers Union Explains 2014 Farm Bill

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The National Farmers Union is teaming up with the Montana Farmers Union to explain changes in the 2014 Farm Bill.

Chandler Goule, Senior Vice President of Programs for the NFU, was on hand Friday to talk about the changes.

He says farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural managers will have from December to January to choose a specific coverage as their safety net.

One of them, Agricultural Risk Coverage (ARC), is a shallow revenue loss program that is based strictly off of revenue.

The other, Price Loss Coverage (PLC), is a target price program.

Goule says people must choose carefully because each program will last for 5 years.

He says this Farm Bill is a great way to help the agriculture community.

"In the 2014 Farm Bill, you've got two programs to pick from in the commodity title, so ARC or PLC. Last year, or in the last Farm Bill, you only had one program. We've streamlined the conservation programs down from 27 to 13, and then some new things in this Farm Bill is the 900,000,000 in renewable energy money, the $4,000,000,000 that's mandatory for livestock disaster. Both of those programs which are important to Montana are brand new to this Farm Bill," says Goule.

Goule says if you're currently in a conservation program and would like to opt out, you can do so in 2015 without a penalty.

He also says the 2014 bill fully or partially fulfills 22 out of 27 major items the agriculture community asked for.