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School Renovations on Horizon

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BILLINGS - The staff at Broadwater Elementary is working hard to move everything out of the oldest of their two school buildings. The levy to finance the renovations passed a few months ago, but it's now really starting to have an effect.

The school was built in 1909, and is listed on the National Historical Registry. This summer, heating and cooling will be fixed, and new windows and walls will be constructed.

Principal Joe Halligan says last autumn's plans and meetings to pass the bond was a lot of work but he says it all paid off.

"Our district did an amazing job of presenting information to the voters."

McKinley Elementary School is also being renovated this summer. The renovations will pause at the end of August when school resumes, and then resume in the summer of 2015.

Broadwater Elementary's annex building is acting as a storage space for the summer. The annex building will be torn down in 2015, and replaced with a new structure where the current playground is located.