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Special Olympics Opening Ceremony

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BILLINGS - The Special Olympics State Summer Games started off with lots of excitement.

Opening ceremonies involved dance performances, music, and comedy routines, and those were topped off with a speech from Governor Steve Bullock.

Special Olympics Co-Director, Rick McCann, says the excitement throughout the arena is incredible.

He says the athletes are very excited to compete Thursday and all of the workers are excited for them to do their best.

McCann's favorite part of the games is to see the athletes get the awards they deserve and then come back and compete again at an even higher level.

"We know the athletes. We've seen them come back with a great amount and even more exuberance each year. They've come back to participate in their sport, some changing sports, but it's the fact that they enjoy being here that makes us as the games management team feel so good," says McCann.

This is the last year the Special Olympics will be held in Billings for the next nine years.

McCann says he looks forward to sending the games to Missoula to see how much the city can expand the event.