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Full Scale Exercise at the Airport

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Emergency responders are making sure they’re prepared for the worst. Billings Logan International Airport held a full-scale exercise, simulating a plane crash.

People of all ages participated as victims. Most of them were students and they say it was an eye-opening lesson.

Fake blood and scar wax - the stage makeup was for 66 high school students prepped for a full-scale exercise of a plane crash at Billings Logan International Airport. They each got a green, yellow, or red card describing their injuries and how they should act.

"I have to be kind of the crazy one because there's always going to be somebody during a crisis that kind of freaks out,” said Tessa Shalton, a senior at Skyview High School.

The airport conducts the exercise every three years to test its emergency plan. Dozens of agencies, including hospitals, come together for the practice session.

"It’s called preparedness,” said Michael Glancy, airport rescue fire fighting supervisor. “All the emergency responders in the community are coming together and they're training together and we're mitigating an incident. It just better prepares us should a real event happen."

The students say participating in the exercise has practical lessons especially since some of them want to eventually work in the medical field.

"I participate in a class called med careers down at the hospital in the am and we had an opportunity to become patients in this mock accident and I thought it'd be interesting to do,” said Matt Dillon, a Skyview High senior.

"People don't really think about that there's actually really bad injuries that happen that you can't really see so in an actual crisis that'll be a good thing to think of,” Shalton said. “Also, how people act during a crisis, like how people freak out like I’m supposed to do so that'll be really good in emergency preparedness."

Organizers of the simulation thank the community for participating and helping out with the exercise.