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Arrowhead Elementary Sends Big Donation to ZooMontana

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BILLINGS - ZooMontana was in for a big surprise today as Arrowhead Elementary presented them with a check for more than $1400.

Arrowhead held a spirit day where the kids could wear stripes, and donate anything from a dollar and up.

3rd grader, Sophia Smith, says the school heard about the tiger that died at the zoo, and felt like it was an opportunity to make a difference, while still maintaining an educational purpose for the fundraiser.

Director of ZooMontana, Jeff Ewelt, says he was in shock when the students presented him with a check.

He says he loves this kind of a donation because he knows how hard the kids worked on it and it comes straight from the heart.

"He looked really, really happy and it made us feel really good cause we worked really hard at doing this and it took a long time," says Smith.

"Anytime we get a check like this from kids, those are the best kind of checks to give cause everyone of those kids in that audience today were very dedicated to this cause, very dedicated to get these tigers here. For me, as the director of the zoo, it means the world to me to see that kind of love for their city zoo. It doesn't get any better than that," says Ewelt.

Ewelt says the tigers should be in Montana next week and will be out on exhibit shortly after they arrive.