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A Day of Special Celebrations

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BILLINGS - The 9th Big Sky Honor Flight, just like the honor flights before it, represents a time to honor World War Two veterans from Montana by flying them to the Washington, D.C. to see the World War Two Memorial and other monuments. But, this flight holds a special place in the hearts of the veterans and the organizers. It's the last one of its kind for our area, and it was a time to celebrate more than just the scheduled events surrounding the flight.

"Mother's Day. I surprised my Mother," said Delmar Davis of Helena. He's a veteran of World War Two and the Korean War. "I was born in 1928."

The ninth Big Sky Honor Flight was the start of a special 86th birthday.

"The best. How can I say anything different after coming on the ride out here and all the people and the things?" said Davis.

Delmar served in the US and in Germany, hauling supplies and handling other important duties. Like many World War II veterans, he is a humble man.

"The ones they really need to thank is the combat men. Especially those in Vietnam, the ones in Afghanistan and Iraq with all this stuff blowing out from under them and taking their legs. Korea was even a bad one."

Delmar celebrated May 11, 2014 with veteran Sarah Styger of Billings, the only female veteran on Big Sky Honor Flight number nine. The Mother's Day wreath was dedicated in her honor.

"It was nice for Mother's Day, but I felt every one of the men should have had an honor like that instead of me," said Styger. Again, she is yet another veteran giving credit to everyone around her.

"I just felt I should be in there to help end the war, even if it was behind the lines, if we could end the war. We had a lot of friends we lost in World War II," continued Styger.

She almost didn't make this ceremonial last trip, but walks away still believing the United States is one of the greatest countries in the world.

"Last night as I was lying in bed, and some of this came back. I just felt so grateful I got to see this, and we had some wonderful men and women fighting in those wars," said Styger.

The ninth Big Sky Honor Flight was a time to remember and to celebrate, Sarah and Mother's Day, Delmar's 86th birthday, and an extended family.

KULR-8's Stella Daskalakis was speechless to discover veteran Jack Engleman of Billings is from Craig, Colorado where she was born. He grew up with Stella's mother and her family.

"It's just an overwhelming feeling to be here -- the seat of government. I hope everyone in the U.S. can come back and see this," said Engleman.