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Emergency Medical Personnel Go Through Hazmat Training

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Paramedics finished up their final day of a Hazmat course with the scenario of treating a patient for pesticide poisoning.

It’s a part of the National Fire Academy's Advanced Life Support response to hazardous materials incidents 10-day course. Paramedics learn about chemistry and medical management of victims. They also discussed how to safely interact with contaminated victims. These are all to meet the regulations set by the industry.

"We want to meet those regulations and Montana is the first state to step out of the National Fire Academy and do this at the regional level,” said Capt. Tim Stavnes with the Billings Fire Department. “And the reason we're doing that is to establish that standard of care amongst the six regional response teams."

Stavnes says it's important for Montana to have these response teams because of risks for contamination from oil, pesticides, and other materials.