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Stark Awaits Sentencing

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BILLINGS - A Montana man was found guilty of murder, and the Dawson County Attorney says, "justice has been served."

On Friday night, a Glendive jury found Levi Douglas Stark, 23, guilty of Deliberate Homicide, Arson, and Tampering with Evidence. According to KXGN Reporter, Emilie Boyles, Levi Stark claimed self defense in the December 2012 murder of 25-year-old Matthew Wiseman, but the jury did not buy Stark's testimony.

Wiseman, formerly of Baker, was living in Glendive at the time when Stark attacked him with a knife in his own home. Court documents say after the altercation, Stark tried to cover up the crime by burning evidence, including a Bronco in the County Impound. Stark's co-defendent, Jessica Miller-Grossman, was pregnant during the murder, and she has also plead guilty to her part in the crimes against Wiseman. Both defendants will be sentenced at a later date, and Stark could face up to life in prison.

According to Dawson County Attorney, Olivia Reiger, this case has changed the way law enforcement handles drug charges in eastern Montana.