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Women's Run Draws Thousands

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BILLINGS - Organizers say more than 8,600 people ran or walked in the Montana Women's Run Saturday morning.

It's the 33rd year for the Women's Run.

"It starts out the running season," said Robin Hanel, a runner. "People get ready for it. I think it's a great destination to come to billings, to be together but primarily it's Mother's Day weekend so women come together, mothers, daughters, family, friends."

One family has three generations running in the event. Mandie Neely started running in the Women's Run six years ago and encouraged her family to join her.

"They kind of just got excited about it and got involved and they started walking and now they're running and my mom just beat her time from last year," Neely said. "My aunt from Vegas flies in every year and it's just a fun time for us to all get together and spend time together as well."

As a part of their tradition, they stay downtown for the weekend.

"We stay at the Northern and the whole family, even the family that lives in Billings, we just get rooms at the Northern and we spend the weekend downtown," said Karla Aus, Mandie's mother.

They also say it's a good community event. "I think it's a great way for all of us women to come out and support one another and really encourage one another," Neely said.

Funds raised from the event will go to various women's programs throughout the community.