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School Shows Support for Teacher Fighting Cancer

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BILLINGS - A teacher gets a big surprise after walking into the school's weekly assembly. The entire school is supporting her fight against cancer.

Darcene Butler, a sixth grade teacher at Independent Elementary School, thought this was just an assembly for Teacher Appreciation Week. But, much to her surprise, when she walked in the gym, she saw her entire family, students and teachers wearing shirts reading "Butler Strong."

"It was just, it was overwhelming," Butler said. "It was so wonderful. This is what our school really does stand for."

Butler was diagnosed with cancer in 2011 and she is now undergoing her fourth treatment for a reoccurrence. One of her students wanted to do something for her.

"It was like two or three weeks ago and Mrs. Butler was in the classroom telling us she had to go to this, it was like somewhere in Minnesota and it just popped in my head and said we should make a T-shirt that says Mrs. Butler strong and this all happened," said Peyton Carle, a sixth grader.

After the assembly, Butler went back to her classroom to give a lesson in strength. She shaved off her hair to show her students chemotherapy doesn't control her.

"These are things you can't teach from a book and I got the most wonderful letters from my students this week," Butler said. "And that was the main thing they talked about is teaching them strength and courage and how to fight and how to get out there."

"It's taught me to never give up on anything and always stay positive and never give up," Carle said.

Butler said she hopes her students continue to express empathy and love towards everyone.