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Fostering Better Children

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BILLINGS - Since 1972, Foster Grandparent Program has provided grandparent figures for children all across the country.

In Montana, the counties of Yellowstone, Blaine, Musselshell, Carbon, Big Horn, and also Crow, Northern Cheyenne, and Ft. Belknap Reservation, benefit from the Foster Grandparent Program. Supported by St. Vincent Healthcare, FG reached 731 students in the eight aforementioned areas.

Vivian Cochran works at Ft. Belknap and says she enjoys working with the little kids because they come in and are eager to learn anything she puts before them. She also thinks it's cute when the kids point out they're almost as tall as her.

Barbara Brady, Program Director for the Foster Grandparent Program, says the theme for this year is re-purposing because there's nothing better than retired senior citizens, re-purposing their lives, to brighten the lives of children.