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Transforming Houses and People

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BILLINGS - You can't beat the work ethic of All Done Right Painting, that's according to employee David Reece.  He might be biased, but he has a great reason.

Owner Chris Metzger is a recovering drug abuser. After going through a drug rehabilitation program, he decided life with drugs and finding himself in and out of prison wasn't for him. He founded All Done Right Painting to first and foremost, turn over a new leaf in his life, but also to give others like him a chance at building a better life.

Travis Berndt is one of those guys. After seven years of being clean and sober, Berndt is very appreciative to Metzger for giving him a chance to build a better life for himself.

Reece never abused drugs or alcohol, but says because his employees did, and are now recovered, they don't take shortcuts when it comes to their work because taking the easy way out would be similar to them giving in to the temptation of drugs.