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St. Vincent Healthcare’s “Fit in ‘14” Challenge

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BILLINGS - Three months ago, St. Vincent Healthcare launched its "Fit in ‘14" challenge.

Someone from St. V's and a local resident were chosen as the winners.

Dale Brown was selected by writing an essay stating his fitness goals and why he felt the need to get fit.

He says his children are getting to the age where they're more active in athletics, and he wants to be in shape to keep up with them.

Kathy Baskett, Medical Director of Weight Management, says obesity is the first leading cause of preventable death.

"Medically, this is an important issue that we can address. Again, this isn't about some fad, or diet, but we can help people and offer them tools to manage their weight effectively,” says Baskett.

Brown says that he used to run, but never really lifted weights at the gym prior to being selected as the “Fit in ‘14” essay winner.

"I think the part that was surprising to me was the actual fitness piece. I had been running a little bit, and working out none in the gym and the gym membership, with some of the classes they have and the running has become...not an obsession, but something that I feel like I have to do,” Brown says.

St. Vincent Healthcare provided Brown with a gym membership to the YMCA, devices to monitor his fitness, and regularly scheduled appointments with a physician throughout the challenge.