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Laurel Landmark in Jeopardy

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LAUREL, Mont. - Tucked behind the Laurel School District Central Office, the Auxiliary Gym has been an integral part of Laurel just one year shy of a century.

After close examination by an engineer, Superintendent Tim Bronk and his administration decided to close the gym. The engineer found the buildings foundation in the northwest corner isn't stable.

The foundation instability has led to cracks inside and outside of the building.

Superintendent Bronk says the gym and adjacent playground are closed to avoid people being around if the building does collapse.

To fix the foundational problems, Superintendent Bronk says it will cost $60,000, that doesn't include fixing the cracks on the outside of the building, as well as the cracks between the wall and bleachers. There's also damage to the ceiling where the building is pulling itself apart.

Superintendent Bronk and his administration are weighing their options. It's their hope the tax payers vote their support through the next five years. If the tax payers choose not to, Superintendent Bronk says building a new building might be more efficient and cost effective.