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Crime Victim Advocate Award

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BILLINGS - It's easy for us to focus on the criminal when a violent crime is committed, but we often forget the people behind the scenes comforting the victim through their difficult experience. That was not the case today.

Attorney General, Tim Fox presented Angeline Fox with a plaque today, recognizing her for her outstanding work as a Victim-Witness Advocate.

Angie Fox was taken completely by surprise when she walked into Judge Russell Fagg's courtroom this afternoon.

The courtroom was full of family, friends and co-workers, when she was brought to the front of the room and presented her award.

Fox says she doesn't do her job for the accolades, but says the award today is motivation to continue helping victims of crime.

"Sometimes I get thank-you cards from my victims and that always, kind of, lights a fire again and you're like, yes, this is why I do this. Someone appreciates it and someone really needed me at this point,” says Angie Fox

"Too often we don't talk about what Victim Advocates do, and so I want to emphasize with this award today, how much we appreciate Angie and the other Victim Advocates across the state who take care of victims of crime,” says Tim Fox.

The Office of Victim Services has organized the Outstanding Crime-Victim Advocate Award since 1993.