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Educators Honored on Teacher Appreciation Day

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Tuesday is Teacher Appreciation Day. At Broadwater Elementary School students and educators shared what they thought about the special day and learning.

"I'm speechless. They're amazing. My teacher is awesome. He's the loudest teacher here, he's very helpful when you need him to be, and he's just a great guy," student, Elijah Montieo said.

"They're not just giving you the things and telling you, 'do it.' They stick with you until you understand it completely," student, Riley Gilstorf said.

"It's good because they listen to you and let you speak. They're helpful, understand, and say it how you need to know it. It's good to have teachers who have good assignments and stuff," student, Leown Keyser said.

"You wonder at the beginning of the year if they're going to be nice or mean. But, then you get to know them you think they're going to hate you, but you know they like you. So, it's pretty awesome," student, Hannah Leonhardt said.

"It's the best job in the world. I work every day, and I look forward to it every day. It's very motivating. It's good to be around the kids and the other teachers too. Everyone is very positive, and we like to keep it that way," teacher, Nathan Steier said.