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Melanoma Monday Raises Awareness

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BILLINGS, Mont. - Melanoma Monday is a day to spread awareness about melanoma, a dangerous type of skin cancer.

Sun exposure can increase chances of melanoma, but there's also a genetic factor. Doctors say melanoma can be cured surgically, if caught early. If the disease starts to spread, it can be deadly.

Dr. Patrick Cobb with St. Vincent Frontier Cancer Center recommends wearing sunscreen, long sleeves, and a hat to protect your skin from the sun.

"The main thing is that if you have a skin lesion that you're concerned about, that you think is getting bigger, a sore that doesn't heal, things like that," said Dr. Cobb. "You need to come in and have your doctor take a look at it."

He says signs of melanoma are a skin lesion that changes, looks dark, or grows over time.