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Big Sky Honor Flight: Honoring Those Who Make It Possible

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The Big Sky Honor Flight takes off this Sunday.

We wanted to take a moment to meet and thank a few of the people who helped make it all possible, to take World War II Veterans to Washington, DC.

"I think we're all feeling a great sense of accomplishment even though we're not quite there yet but we can see the end in sight," says board member Becky Hilliar.

"I'm feeling a little bit bittersweet, kind of exciting, you always get excited for that first, that next flight," says Treasurer Kathy Shannon.

"We never thought we would be here two and a half years later and nine flights," says Bill Kennedy, Vice President of Big Sky Honor Flight.

"I remember when I first joined the board back in January of 2012, and at that time, I don't think we had $20,000 in the account."

"We have a great committee and I have to praise Bill Kennedy because I think one of the biggest challenges was getting the funds together, because when we started, we started with nothing."

"We've raised more than $1.2 million, but it didn't come as easy as people think. We had to go out an educate people. We had our partnerships with the media, our partnerships with businesses across the state of Montana."

"We absolutely could not have had the level of success that we have without the full participation of the Billings community and the surrounding areas."

"No one anticipating 9 flights, $1.4 million, over 700 almost 800 veterans. It's been very tremendous."

"I think that a lot of them have never talked about it to their families or anybody, and a lot of them have carried a lot of stuff over the years, and this is a way to go to the memorial and it is an honor to their fellow soldiers and comrades. And they just feel this is closure for them."

"Some of them at some point started to think, 'did I really do that?' because they never relive those memories. So, I think what I've heard consistently from the Veterans who have gone on the Big Sky Honor Flight is they are blown away that people remembered them."

"They look at the memorial that's in honor of them, they look at the stars, the 400 hundred stars commemorate those that have died, and you know they reminisce about what took place, 65 to 70 years ago."

"They did it, and we did it for the right reasons. This awesome humble amazing group of people never expected an opportunity like this."

Tune in to KULR-8 News on Sunday as we begin our coverage of the Big Sky Honor Flight.