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Organ Donations

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80 percent of Montanans over the age of 18 are registered organ donors, according to Penny Clifton with donate life council. Clifton says that is the highest number in the nation.

Despite that impressive statistic, the need for healthy organs always seems to outpace the supply. 250 to 300 Montanans are waiting for an organ donation.

Stefeni Freese's 16 year-old son was declared brain dead after being hit by a pickup while walking along the side of the road in January of last year. Through organ donation, her son saved many other lives.

"Knowing that he's out there helping someone live a full life with their kids and their grandkids, or being able to get through college, having that beer at a fraternity without having to worry about his kidneys working, you know, just living life. That is very comforting to me,” says Freese.

Clifton says, "We consider it the ultimate gift of self, which is who we are at the core of our beings anyway, is that we share and we give to one another. This is just the final ability to give."

If you are not a registered organ donor and you would like to be, you can register at the donate life website.

You can find that link by clicking on Connections.