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Teachers Surprised with Grant Awards

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Local teachers get a big surprise from members of the Education Foundation classroom grants prize patrol. That surprise? iPads.

"Well obviously my kids are so excited and I'm so excited," said Roxi Cobb, a second grade teacher at Boulder Elementary. "Anytime they get to use the iPad it's like the best thing that's happened to them. So it's just going to be a great, great thing for everybody."

Cobb wrote a grant to get 12 more iPads, so more students can use them.

"Just an extension for these kids," Cobb said. "They already come with a lot of technology knowledge and so it supplements everything from reading to writing to math. We will be able to do such cool projects."

The purpose of the grant is to increase student engagement, motivation and exposure to new ideas. Dustin Martin's fourth grade class got three new iPads as well.

"We use iPads a lot for reading because, so we can get a better understanding of like the different animals that we're learning about in the ecosystem," said Kennedy Venner, a fourth grader in Martin's class.

Martin said it's important to integrate technology into the classroom.

"It's just that exposure to the technology that is going to be forever in their lives," Martin said. "It's not going away. So the more I hopefully can expose them here at school for the students that don't maybe have them at home gives them a leg up on that technology they're going to see throughout their education."

The prize patrol awarded $90,000 in classroom grants to more than 100 educators in Billings Public Schools.