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Griego's Past Criminal Record

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Now that Toby Griego has been convicted of rape, we are learning more about his past, specifically the crimes he committed in New Mexico.

In 1997, Griego worked in Santa Fe.

He followed a teenager from a gas station to a friend's house after a high school football game.

The teen says Griego dragged her from her car, put a knife to her head, dragged her to a nearby vacant house and raped her.

Griego then threw the girl into the trunk of her car, drove around for awhile, then stopped and popped the trunk and fled.

In 1998, a judge sentenced Griego to 12 years in prison for aggravated robbery and two counts of auto burglary after attacking four women.

In 2002, Griego confessed to the rape of the young girl and got 9 years to run concurrent with his other sentence.

After getting out of prison in 2006, Griego is later accused of stalking teenagers and trying to take pictures up their skirts.

The state revokes his parole and he goes back to prison.

Then in 2008, Griego gets out of prison again and moves to Montana.

The sentencing hearing for Griego has not yet been set but evidence of his prior crimes in New Mexico which could not be used at his trial but can be used at Griego's sentencing.