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Griego Trial: Law Enforcement, Bank Employees Testify

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The trial of accused serial rapist Toby Griego resumes Friday. Day four of the trial wrapped up late Thursday afternoon.

Various witnesses took the stand for the third and fourth victims. Law enforcement, bank employees, forensic scientists and others took the stand. The court was shown a still frame of cell phone video allegedly from Griego's phone, where he could be seen wearing a beanie, jacket, and gloves.

"He's wearing gloves," said Det. Blake Richardson with the Billings Police Department. "He's wearing a stocking cap and jacket. He is purposely hiding his identity from the DNA, fingerprints."

Det. Richardson testified if he had been wearing that clothing, it would likely prevent fingerprints and DNA transfer. During cross-examination, the defense confirmed no fingerprints or DNA that matched Toby Griego were found at the crime scene.

Todd McCrohan, a forensic supervisor at the Montana State Crime Lab, showed impressions of the footprints found outside of the third victim's apartment matched the defendant's shoes.

A security analyst at western security bank showed surveillance video of the alleged third victim at the ATM early in the morning on May 27. She says she could clearly see a woman in the back seat of the car with her face bloodied. The jury reacted in horror, seeing the fear in the victim's eyes. Corporate security manager at First Interstate Bank also showed the jury surveillance footage of the victims at the ATMs the nights of their attacks.

Another Billings detective testified that police got a tip on July 18th about the cases. They put a tracker on Griego's car and also had surveillance on him.

"I want to say every other day maybe there would be a larger gap in there, it was a considerable amount of his day was spent there at rose park compared to the rest of the areas of town," said Det. Brett Kruger with the Billings Police Department.

Rose Park is where one of the victims says she was taken and almost drowned in a ditch. The detective also says Griego would go places, park and watch women.

An assistant manager at Hobby Lobby told the jury how Griego visited 2 to 4 times a month and how he allegedly followed women.

"He was standing by our paper crafting area pretending to look at paper while looking down the aisle, so I was wondering what he was doing and I looked down and there was a woman shopping with her two kids and so it was disturbing to me," said Michelle Little, assistant manager at Hobby Lobby.

Another witness, Mattressland USA's warehouse manager, testified Griego delivered the mattress to the third victim's apartment. He also said Griego was a model employee and even was employee of the month.

Friday, the two main detectives who investigated the case will take the stand. Stay tuned to KULR8 online and on air for the latest.