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Warming Temperatures Increase Flooding Risk

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Spring is finally here, but with the warmer temperatures, should we be concerned about flooding?

According to Meteorologist Todd Chambers from the National Weather Service, we have 140-160% of normal snowpack for this time of year - conditions very similar to 2011 when parts of our area experienced damaging flooding. The difference, he said, is we shouldn't expect the record-breaking rainfall we saw 3 years ago.

"We're not wanting people to panic at this point. We just want them to be aware that there is a lot of water in the mountains that's going to have to come out during the summer. The question right now is going to be how the spring goes. You know, if it gets really warm really fast, then that water's all going to come out really fast. If it comes out in a slow controlled manner because the temperatures stay cooler, we'll be in good shape," said Chambers.

Currently, the heaviest snowpack in Montana is in the Big Horn Mountains.