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Billings Bypass Open House

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An open house was held Wednesday to inform people about the new Billings Bypass that will go through the residential neighborhood of Mary Street.

Nearly 200 people attended the open house.

Mary Street resident, Brent Cathey opposes the new bypass saying the new road will take over a third of his property.

Cathey said he is upset because the road will take away their unique, country neighborhood and believes the city is not using the best route.

"There's plenty of room north of the proposed route where the road could be put through without impacting as many existing landowners and homeowners, and it's just a shame that it's not being put in as a true bypass instead of right through the middle of an existing neighborhood," Cathey said.

On the other side of the issue, a former Billings realtor, Terry Odegard, said the bypass will make traffic flow more smoothly.

He advises people who are concerned about losing their property to seek legal counsel and make sure they are properly compensated for their loss.

Odegard believes even though people are currently upset about the change, he said it is truly for the betterment of the community.

"It's part of progress. There's gonna be some folks that are gonna lose a little bit perhaps and have to move, and there's gonna be growth," said Odegard.

Save Mary, a group opposing the bypass, brought a petition Wednesday to have the bypass route changed and received over 100 signatures on the petition.