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Gara Mountain Man Race

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It's called the Gara Mountain Man 5K Race; an effort to help the residents of Gara Muleta, Ethiopia, rise up, out of extreme poverty.

Eayoall Atsbeha, a Rocky Mountain College graduate, is hosting the race to try to raise enough money to finish building an orphanage there - Eayoall's home town.

Atsbeha says his parents are his inspiration; they would often give money to the poor.

His mother also housed some of the children, and would help them in any way she could.

He says when he last visited the Ethiopian community, he was not happy with how things were going and wants to help make life better for its residents.

"Some of the kids my mom was trying to help out in the house, they didn't even have a bed, so I came back and I told some of my friends, 'you know what? We can help these kids,'" Atsbeha said.

The race takes place this Saturday, April 12th.

The funds raised from the run will help a local church finish the orphanage that will house up to 50 kids.