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Emotionally Charged Testimony in Griego Trial

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Once again, an emotionally charged day during the second day in the trial of Toby Griego -- the alleged serial rapist.

On Tuesday, witnesses and victims described the gruesome crimes.

While victims and spectators shed tears, KULR-8 News' MacLeod Hageman reports the man accused of the crimes appeared to show little emotion.

Tears swelled in the eyes of witnesses, victims, and even jurors Tuesday as the first two rape victims relayed the horrible details, they wished only to forget.

But for Toby Griego, it was different.

He seemed calm and collected during testimony and whispered to his defense attorneys only when officers recounted their investigation.

The first rape victim, a 21-year-old college student, putting herself through school by waiting tables, spent nearly two hours recounting her agonizing experience.

The details were very graphic.

The alleged victim told jurors when the perpetrator finally left, she says he threatened to post video he had taken to YouTube and told her he would see her again tomorrow , same place, same time.

Moments later, the woman ran to her neighbor's, called 911 and was taken to Billings Clinic to be investigated, where her neighbor said it felt like an eternity.

"So I waited in the room next to it, until the nurse was done asking details," says Tamika Wilson, the neighbor of one of the victims.

"How long did the process take?' asks prosecutor Rod Souza.

"Forever, it felt like hours before they finally let me go back in and sit with her," says Tamika.

The second alleged victim shared a similar story.

She too was a waitress, young, blond, but she was able to fight back, barricade herself in her roommates bedroom and call for help.

She told the jury the attacker looked *only similar* to a former co-worker who fit Griego's description, shaved head, about 5'7" and in his 30's.

Weeks later, a similar call came in to 911, but in that case the perpetrator decided to use a stun gun to subdue his victim.

"She had a lot of red marks all over her neck and back that I saw," says Billings Police Officer Grant Morrison.

Once Officer Morrison stepped down, Judge Russell Fagg called for a recess.