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First Day of Trial for Alleged Serial Rapist

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With a jury of seven women and five men seated, the first day of the trial for the accused Billings serial rapist wrapped up.

Toby Eugene Griego is accused of raping four women and is charged with 27 counts including sexual intercourse without consent, aggravated assault, and surreptitious observation or recordation.

The trial began with opening statements, laying out what each side will argue.

"All four of them attacked, beaten, robbed, kidnapped, and for three of them, brutally and horribly raped," said Rod Souza, Chief Deputy Yellowstone County Attorney.

Souza described how each victim was attacked in graphic detail. For some, it was hard to hear how these women were gagged, tied, and assaulted with foreign objects.

"And in one video you will see the defendant turn the phone on himself and you will see his face," Souza said. "Through all of this evidence and through these exhibits the state will prove to you beyond a reasonable doubt the defendant Toby Griego is guilty as charged."

However, the defense says there is reasonable doubt. Griego's attorney David Duke says a victim described the attacker as blond, in his 30s, and white.

"There is a whole long list of items that are missing stolen from these girls houses," Duke said. "Yet, when the police come and search Toby Griego's home they find none of this. They find no test results and the DNA test results from the Montana Crime Lab connecting Toby Griego to these offenses."

After opening statements, the State's case began by calling Detective Jim Woog from the Billings Police Department to the stand. He is a forensic computer and cell phone examiner, who testified he extracted photos and video of the victims from Griego's cell phone. He says Griego hid the files in the audio manager part of his phone using an app and grouped them with the words "Girls from Lake." He says the photos' time stamps match those of the offenses.

The trial begins again at 9 AM Tuesday. Stay tuned to KULR8 on air and online for the latest.