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Pow Wow Celebrates Women

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The Alterowitz Gym at MSU Billings was packed for the annual pow wow this weekend.

This year's theme for the pow wow was "Celebrating Native Women: Continuing a Tradition of Excellence.

"Women are primary caregivers and caretakers and providers for their families and that's not really viewed as anything insignificant to the culture, just that we're able to stand up and take those positions within our tribes and tribal communities," said Gaynell Realbird.

Gaynell has been attending since the 90s, bringing her daughter, Bixie, ever since she was a baby. She says moms are important to passing on culture, especially when getting their children ready for the pow wow.

"That's how they learn is through their mothers. So they're just carrying on their traditions whether they're aware of it or not but that's really what it is."

"I just like that she helps me," Bixie said. "So when I'm older and when I have kids I can show them how to get ready and stuff."

Gaynell also says the event stresses unity. "It gives her a sense of role in the community and it is also to meet new friends, families."

The pow wow ends at midnight.