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Slumberland Gives Back

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The Center for Children and Families receives a nice donation from Slumberland Furniture.

Slumberland today delivered sixteen twin-sized box springs and mattresses through their 40 Winks Giving Program.

The Center for Children and Families will give the beds to children, youth and families in need.

Programs Director, Becky Bey, says nearly 80% of the youth they serve come out of very extreme poverty conditions.

"A lot of them have never had their own bed. They've shared with siblings, they've slept on the floor, they've been with Mom and Dad in beds. Almost 80% of the kids we serve come out of really extreme poverty conditions, so it's like Christmas everyday, it's like Santa just delivered the greatest toy ever, and it's a bed", says Bey.

"Realizing how many kids a month they actually have coming through the Center, made me think twice, because I would have never guessed how many they are helping, every month. Not just in a year, but every month", Walter.

The mattresses will be taken to the center's donation store, where clients can receive incentives and assistance for furnishing their household needs.