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Gray Wolf Numbers Hold Steady

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The wolf population is holding steady in our area and the northern Rockies.

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks released their annual report on gray wolves as part as a national study.

They counted 627 wolves in Montana at the end of 2013 -- compared to 625 from 2012.

That is with hunters and trappers taking 231 wolves this last year.

"Among the best news is that confirmed wolf depredations on livestock took a significant drop in 2013," said FWP Director Jeff Hagener. "And that comes on top of fewer overall agency control actions than the previous year."

In 2003, wolves killed 50 cattle, 24 sheep, three horses and a goat -- and that's down 27 percent from 2012.

The decline has been a trend since 2009 without FWP having to take specific actions.