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Show Promoters Encourage Attendance for Bigger Concerts

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Yellowstone County Commissioners decided to start a co-promote fund to bring in bigger and better concerts. But show promoters say they also need the public's support to bring those concerts in.

Show promoters say the city also needs to show a good history of attendance at events at large and small venues to bring in bigger acts. They look at crowd participation and ticket sales.

"A lot of these agents are similar agents so if they can see a track record in this town of some good history then they're more inclined to send somebody that's larger here," said Sean Lynch, owner of 11:11 Entertainment.

Lynch says more people need to attend smaller shows to prove the city can handle bigger acts that can cost 10 to 15 times more.

"Some of these larger shows are just such an enormous amount of money there's a lot of reward if they do well but there's a lot of risk if they don't and to us it's a much more logical solution to take some of these acts and start them in a smaller spot and move them up."

Other promoters say it takes a lot to convince acts to come.

"They ask," Lukas Seely, with Lukas Seely Presents. "They're like who's been there? You know, do you think we can sell out? Their agent's going to want to know if people are going to come, do people know who they are. It's hard for entertainers just to come to Montana on it's own because it's a very strange routing because the closest biggest city is Denver."