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MSUB Pow Wow This Weekend

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The annual MSU Billings Pow Wow is coming up this Friday.

This year's theme is "Celebrating Native American Women: Continuing a Tradition of Excellence." The Office of American Indian Outreach promoted the importance of women in their communities. Native American students say women make all the clothes and get children ready for pow wows and are essential to preserve their heritage.


"But all of the busy work, behind the scenes, like point systems, making sure things are running smoothly, the women generally are the ones who do that work," said Nona Main, MSUB Pow Wow head woman dancer.

"As long as we're able to keep helping with the pow wows, helping to put them on, then we'll be able to pass down traditions onto the next generation," said Kaja Anderson, Intertribal Indian Club administrative director.

The event takes pace at the Alterowitz Gym on campus. Grand entry begins Friday, April 4, at 6 PM and Saturday, April 5, at noon. Organizers say everyone is welcome to attend.