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Cody Snow Costs Budget Delays

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People in northwest Wyoming woke to a thick blanket of snow Wednesday morning. Weeks ago, the Wyoming Department of Transportation announced its snow removal budget is depleted. Now, the city of Cody has to delay other projects to pay for the snow plowing.

It's back. After weeks of bitter cold and snow, then even more snow, the white stuff returned to Cody on the second day of April.

Cody City Administrator, Jenni Rosencranse said, "A lot of snow, yes. We were expecting a skiff, I believe, and there's a good six to eight inches out there."

This winter has been a surprise for the town that doesn't even have a snow removal budget.

Rosencranse explained, "We just roll it in to our cost of overtime, our cost of fuel. We're usually able to absorb it very well, because we have mild winters. This winter, we have had an astronomical amount of snow."

Rosencranse says Cody had to hire private contractors to help with the deep snow removal, and an old piece of equipment broke down, requiring the purchase of a new one.

She added up the shortfall, "Overall we spent about $25,000 more this year than we were anticipating, or than we had planned for."

But the most recent snowfall actually happened at a good time. It's spring break. School's out. That helped with the plowing a little bit.

Rosencranse added, "School being out will definitely help us on our snow removal process."

But weeks after school is out for summer, the City of Cody will still be paying the price for snow removal.

She said, "We've had to delay some other projects in order to reprioritize our cash and reallocate it to our snow removal business this year."

Northwest Wyoming often receives spring snows through April.