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Beer Price Increase at MetraPark

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It's bad news for many. Beer prices will go up at the Metra by one dollar. County commissioners approved the price increase Tuesday.

The price increase will add to a fund to help co-promote acts, which Commissioner John Ostlund says will allow them to bring in more and better concerts.

"We've been hearing from the public that they like to have more acts and better acts at the Metra and we're answering that need and we're going to start aggressively going after some of them other shows," Ostlund said.

Co-promoting means sharing in the risks with promoters. The Metra is partially funded by taxpayers, so they're creating a co-promote fund for these acts.

"We want to be good stewards of the taxpayer money," Ostlund said. "We want to serve the community's needs very well but we think that this is a great way to do it with a little increase in the beer prices."

"Prices have not been raised for years," said Bill Dutcher, general manager at MetraPark. "Keeps them very consistent with what we've pulled all the other arenas in the vicinity, in Bismarck, Rapid City and Casper, for instance."

Beer will cost you an extra dollar: five for a draft and six for bottled beer. Half of the increase goes into the fund and the other 50 cents goes to the Metra's operating expenses and beer costs. Not all Metra-goers are happy about this increase.

"They shouldn't raise the prices because concerts cost enough as it is," said Johna Criner. "And why should they raise beer prices to get more?"

"It's a good way to bring in bigger and better acts with a fee-sharing that they're talking about and now it's to get acts that currently they're getting in places in Bozeman and Missoula that we haven't been able to get," said Joe Womack. "And I think the price is reasonable."

The Metra does have a selection process for acts to make sure they buy an act that will be a success. Again, the new beer price takes place immediately.